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Fabulous Life BLOG

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It's the LAST DAY OF THE TOUR! This is always special, because we won't see each other again maybe until next year. So, we left the hotel with at 7:30am lobby call. We arrived to the Prison and see a sign on the door saying "Level 1 Lock Down". We went inside and learned everything had been cancelled for the day. Mary was not to happy, because the Chaplain did not notify us. And there were volunteers that drove from Indiana to be there. 

We were told that an officer got injured and needed stitches, it was…

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I can't believe it is Day 5 already of the tour, time is moving fast. We had 3 prisons on this day, we went to Taylorville, Logan, and Lincoln Correctional Centers. The first prison we were greeted by the Chaplain who was nice. She escorted us to the gym where the program would be held. She introduced us to the Interpreter for the event, Missy. See, we would have some deaf inmates attend and she wanted them to enjoy. Missy had signed the night before for Kevin Hart. WOW!! Obviously, she must be one of the…

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It's Day 4 and we get a break in the mid-day. We have 2 events today at Illinois River and Jacksonville. The Millers are still rolling with us, and their anointing and gifts are an added bonus. Our first event we got a chance to be dropped off at the door. This is not normally allowed at a prison facility, but the officer came to the van and gave us permission. AWESOME!

Mary parks the van and we're checking in sitting in the lobby and she comes to the window. We look on her folder and it looks like a…

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2018 prison ministry


We are at the half way mark, I can't believe it! We had 3 prisons today, East Moline, Kewanee Reentry, and Hill Correctional. We had lobby call at 7:30, and the weather was great. We got to the first stop and no issues with getting through security. But we got to the gym and the equipment needed to be set up.

The event was held in the gym with a horrible echo. It was so bad, The Gideon Crew had to perform with no music. But, there was one young brother that done some Chicago stepping killing it when I…

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DAY 2 our lobby call was 7:30am we were headed to the prison we dread, "Statesville". It is Illinois oldest prison and it's the real deal look like the movies. We arrived with The Gideon Crew having a problem with their ripped tye dye jeans, that had no holes in them. We had to get permission for them to wear those jeans. Then there was a problem with Mary's top, she had to go back to the car and change.

This process took at least 20 minutes and then the issue was it was count time. Then the next excuse…

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