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Angel Tree Prison Tour: Day 3 

Day 3 of the Prison Tour, we were at Lake Prison. The event didn't start until an hour later because the Warden changed the ICT time. ICT is when the inmates get their work assignments for the week, which was suppose to happen another day. So, we patiently waited done sound check, hooked up speakers and monitors. The inmates started coming in and thanking us for being there. There was about 75 men that came to the concert and signed up for Angel Tree. We had a good time, my voice did better than I expected…

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Angel Tree Orlando Prison Tour: DAY 2  

Today we went to Desoto Correctional Institution. We did this prison last year and The Gideon Crew blew their speaker. So, we promised them a speaker and yes we brought them a brand new speaker. The speaker had to get cleared through security first. Because weeks ago someone attempted to smuggle 20 cell phones through a speaker. UNBELIEVABLE! So, of course we looked suspicious. But, we were good, went through security and headed to the Chapel. I love Florida chapels, because they're less than 2 feet away.

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Angel Tree Prison Tour: Orlando, Florida 


This is our 2nd year in Orlando, Florida for prison ministry. We are delighted to be invited to return to the Sunshine State. We are here for a week, GLORY TO GOD! The tour is for Angel Tree round-up where inmates get to fill out applications to have their children receive gifts at Christmas. You may have heard Erica Campbell speak about it on her show "Get-Up Mornings". This is the same program we are serving with. Over 300,000 kids are served a year and millions…

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It's the LAST DAY OF THE TOUR! This is always special, because we won't see each other again maybe until next year. So, we left the hotel with at 7:30am lobby call. We arrived to the Prison and see a sign on the door saying "Level 1 Lock Down". We went inside and learned everything had been cancelled for the day. Mary was not to happy, because the Chaplain did not notify us. And there were volunteers that drove from Indiana to be there. 

We were told that an officer got injured and needed stitches, it was…

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I can't believe it is Day 5 already of the tour, time is moving fast. We had 3 prisons on this day, we went to Taylorville, Logan, and Lincoln Correctional Centers. The first prison we were greeted by the Chaplain who was nice. She escorted us to the gym where the program would be held. She introduced us to the Interpreter for the event, Missy. See, we would have some deaf inmates attend and she wanted them to enjoy. Missy had signed the night before for Kevin Hart. WOW!! Obviously, she must be one of the…

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