This will be my 3rd piece of writing in an ANTHOLOGY, I'M SO EXCITED” - Sonnie Day

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Sonnie Day writes her 3rd Anthology piece leaving a legacy for the world to read. She shares in her chapter entitled, "The Journey was on Purpose" how God takes you through mountains and valleys to birth something new. The process may not be what you desire, but the blessing is what you deserve. 


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The title of Sonnie Day Chapter is "YOU'RE VALUABLE AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT". This chapter shares some nuggets applicable to your everyday life. Sonnie shares how her choices in the past were from a place of mistaken identity. And what she did to recover her truth. There are other Authors in this Anthology who pours their heart into writing with the intention of transforming lives.

AVAILABLE NOW: Hidden Treasures Book
  • AVAILABLE NOW: Hidden Treasures Book

AVAILABLE NOW: Hidden Treasures Book

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Pre-Order the soon to be #1 Best Seller Book combined with 10 powerful stories. Included is a FREE immediate download of Sonnie Day's remake of the classic song "For The Love" by the Isley Brothers. You'll receive a personal autographed copy from Sonnie Day and a Free gift with your book delivery.

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